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Super Beta Prostate Dose It Work
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Super Beta Prostate Dose It Work

Super Beta Prostate Full Review and Recommendations
super beta prostateIs Super Beta Prostate a Scam ?ingredients Read the full article to know more!couple

Reaching the age of forty and beyond can be a very difficult time in a man’s life, even disregarding all of the health issues that come with it. We must assess where we are in our planned schedules, take a closer look at our goals and how realistic they are and then on top of that deal with our bodies which are beginning to let us down in slight, subtle ways. One of the main indicators of this slowdown in normal body function in middle-aged men is the expansion of our prostate.prostate anatomy Leaving prostate cancer and the high mortality rate of it when not caught early aside, problems with the prostate in men over forty can lead to a whole slew of issues such as:

Increased urination during the daytime

Waking at night to urinate

The feeling of an “unempty” bladder even after urinating

The urge to urinate again right after relieving oneself

Problems in the bedroom

These and many other symptoms that begin to appear concerning our sexual and urinary functions lead to a wide array of changing behaviors, both in and out of the bedroom and bathroom. We begin to look for places near a bathroom or excuses for why we’re going so much, or worse: why we’re just not in the mood tonight. Nothing affects our confidence more than not being able to perform sexually. Then, quality of life begins to deteriorate as road trips become shorter, sporting events become more difficult to make it through and the increased frequency with which you urinate throughout the night could leave you waking up feeling less than fully rested.

The main problem with this isn’t that it’s happening to you, it’s that we’ve been told for so long that this is a natural stage of life; something that happens to all men and we just have to live with it, just as we’ll eventually be in diapers in some nursing home. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth! If you are beginning to know, or have been for a while, experiencing any of these symptoms, a new all-natural supplement called Super Beta Prostate could hold the answer for these and many other of our problems as we approach middle age.

But does Super Beta Prostate really work? Let’s find out.

Douglas Laboratories Prost-P10x. The Strongest Natural Prostate Health Supplement Available without a Prescription. Doctor Formulated at NYU Department of Integrative Urology. Graminex Flower Pollen Extract, Quercetin, Meriva® Curcumin, DIM, Beta-sitosterol, Saw Palmetto + 6 Additional Extra Strength Natural Ingredients For Restoring Health to Enlarged Prostate, BPH, Prostatitis. Therapeutic Dose (3320+mg/1000 IU), Clinical Grade, 100% Natural, Maximum Strength for Men Looking for Fast Results. 100% Made in the USA.
Health and Beauty (Douglas Laboratories)
  • Supports restoration of prostate and urinary health, promotes normal prostate size. NYU Doctor formulated based on over 500 clinical trials.
  • Natural alternative for men looking to restore prostate health to youthful levels. Proven successful results at NYU Department of Integrative Urology
  • Proven prostate health ingredients. Get back to life and take control of your prostate health. Sleep better at night
  • Patented and proprietary blend, 100% natural, fast acting relief.
  • Monthly prostate health course includes 30 individually packaged daily packets. Each packet supplies full serving of the Prost-P10x natural ingredients

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Super Beta Prostate

Constant NonExercise Sweats Could This Be Cancer

2010-09-05 04:52:54 by Joeb7th

Late fifties male.
These started about 6 months or more ago.
In the beginning off and on but not all the time.
Now, they are constant, day and night.
Getting worse by the month or even weeks.
I don't have sweat dripping from my brow ( yet ) but my entire upper body is just sweating, even if it's cold inside the house or out. I can feel the sweatiness and have to pu...than it already is.
Just had blood test which showed cholesterol increasing to borderline high ( trglycerides 187 and HDL low 36 LDL cholesterol calcium high 112 ) and super low Vitamin D ( 13.6 but this has always been low ) and have had lower range testosterone for years now. Prostate -specific Ag, Serum 1.1.
Taking 5 mg coumadin for last few months as well as beta blocker sotalol.

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