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What are the Types and Symptoms of Prostatitis?
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There are several types of prostatitis that may account for nearly 25% of each office visit by both middle aged and younger men for illnesses that involve the urinary and genital systems. There are four disorders that are listed under the term prostatitis. They include:

Acute Bacterial Prostatitis

This type of prostatitis is not very common, but is the easiest form to diagnose. It is the easiest to treat effectively. Some of the common symptoms of acute bacterial prostatitis include fever, chills, urinary frequency, and genital and lower back pain, and aches throughout the body. It will present with an infection in the urine that is shown by bacteria and white cells. Acute bacterial prostatitis treatment consists of the appropriate antibiotics for the infection.

Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis

This type of prostatitis is also fairly uncommon. This is an acute prostatitis that is linked with a prostate defect. This acts as a focal point for bacteria to grow within the urinary tract. Treatment for this type of prostatitis consists of identifying the defect and removing it. The infection is then treated with antibiotics. Unfortunately, often times the antibiotics will not get rid of the infection completely.

Chronic Prostatitis

The most common type of prostatitis is Chronic Prostatitis. This type is also the least understood. Chronic prostatitis can develop in men of all ages and the symptoms can go away for a while and then without any warning return. This type of prostatitis can be non-inflammatory or inflammatory. When it comes in the non-inflammatory form there is no evidence of any type of inflammation or infection fighting cells present.

In the inflammatory form of chronic prostatitis semen, urine, as well as other fluids that flow through the prostate will not show any evidence of an infecting organism. However, there are cells in the body that are typically produced to fight against infection.

Asymptomatic Inflammatory Prostatitis

This is a diagnosis of prostatitis where the patient will not have any type of discomfort or pain. However, there are cells that fight infection present in the semen. This type of prostatitis is often found when a doctor is trying to find a cause for infertility or if they are conducting tests to determine whether or not they have prostate cancer.

Symptoms and Signs of Prostatitis

There are several symptoms of prostatitis to be aware of. They include:

  • Difficulty starting and stopping urination
  • Pain when urinating
  • Frequent urination
  • Painful ejaculation

It is important to have regular screenings for prostate cancer. If you are over fifty years old it is important to have a digital rectal examination each year. Men that have a family history of this type of cancer should start screening when they are forty years old.

There are some symptoms that should be treated immediately if you are experiencing them. This includes a burning pain when urinating, accompanied by a fever, a bladder obstruction that is causing very little urination despite drinking enough fluids. Any type of bone pain in the hips, thighs, or back can be a sign that the cancer has spread into the bones.

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